EssayPro: Scam or Legit Company? works on precisely this principle, which makes it possible for students to offer you every paper they need during their education.

Choosing this service would indicate you no longer need to search for your paper in the list of providers. It would also mean that you determine your quotation, not the company. More info here:

However, in addition, it suggests you have the duty to select the author, and who can tell if you're going to make the right choice or not? In order to be sure the business will deliver quality newspapers regardless of your choice of a writer, the company would have to be one which hires the best experts and offers many other guarantees and advantages.

To determine if essaypro offers all this, we chose to write a complete review. Read our essaypro testimonials to see if this is the company you should hire for the academic assignments.

Services Offered by

If you need writing, editing and rewriting, this company can deliver all of it. As we said, provides you the opportunity to purchase any paper you require, solely by choosing in the list or choosing the option'alternative'.

The principle of supplying writing services differs from that of other solutions we have reviewed. With this business, the client is the one choosing the author, not the composing service.

There are several disadvantages, as well as advantages we could find in this way of working.

The first benefit is quite evident -- you can purchase every paper in the service. But this comes with the regarding question of whether or not someone will bid on your purchase or not. And if yes, will the bidders be suitable and experienced in tackling your academic assignment? The benefit of a composing service choosing the writer for you lies in the fact that they understand their authors and will determine which one is the very best for your paper's topic and academic degree.

Of course, after a writer bids in your newspaper, you are able to check their profile and portfolio. However, considering that most of the opinions on those profiles is positive, we began to doubt if these are real comments. We made a decision to determine this by ordering several papers from the exact same service.

Though this isn't our functioning principle, we needed to make several choices so as to supply you with an impartial review.

You will see what we found out concerning the standard level of the writers later on. While focusing on the professional services provided, it might be worth mentioning that this business permits you to set an order for any paper and any academic level. This implies that if the company is good in writing documents, you have found a normal supplier.

Prices on

Discussing the costs is something we can't include within our essaypro review. Why? Because costs aren't fixed.

Once you place the order on your newspaper, you need to wait for the bids. This may pose a problem for students with tight deadlines, which makes the company a not-so-good-choice should you require a paper whenever possible. After all, you need to await great bids and carefully look at all authors so as to choose the best one. This can take plenty of time students do not have.

Still, the company was able to supply a beginning price for papers. Their beginning price is $12 per webpage, which is not a bad bidding. However, once we placed our orders, we discovered that only less seasoned authors bid with this quotation, which explains the reason we advocate choosing a better bid and better writers.

From our experience, prices at can be considered average if you choose highly rated authors from the bids. Surely, you can spend a small sum on the bidder with the lowest quote, but this can easily result in bad content. In order to prove our theory, we also ordered a cheap paper for the purpose of this review.

Discounts and Features on

Regrettably, discounts are non existent at

Seeing that prices depend on what bid you may choose, the business is unable to provide you with a discounted price. In the conclusion, it all is dependent upon how much money you're willing to spend, who will bid on your paper and bid you may find most acceptable for your budget and the writer's expertise.

This is as complicated as it sounds. The task of finding a writer was quite annoying and time-consuming, because we spent an hour waiting for more bids and yet another hour making the option for our newspapers. Of course, when you find a good writer, you may continue working with them for all your documents.

Though discounts are non-existent and a big disadvantage for the service compared to other businesses in our testimonials, this might be the ideal opportunity for those who are capable of bargaining. When agreeing on a quotation using a writer, you could be able to find a discount on your own.

After all, you are the one determining the price for your paper, which can be regarded as a big plus if you're on a small budget. Since there is no loyalty policy to give you better prices, you can choose costs depending on your budget at the particular moment.

Essaypro presents many free features, such as direct contact with the writer and SMS notification on the progress of your order. Additionally, you may enjoy their updated site and browse many educational, interesting articles.